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Ultra Precision Machining & Grinding Services

We are very proficient at 3 axis milling and standard turning operations using our CNC Machines. We have made thousands of unique parts for a multitude of companies, the majority of which are government and defense contractors. The services we offer are: high precision machining (in both proto-type and production applications), hardware installation and assembly, part marking, and manufacturability advice.


Why Our Company

  • Our Size Helps Us Appropriate Short Delivery Schedules
  • We Maintain Competitive Pricing
  • Our Focus is providing Exceptional Quality in ALL of our Products

We Specialize in Holding Tight Tolerances on:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Machinable Plastics

Precision Machining

Using 3 Axis Mills and Lathes, we can manufacture almost anything you can come up with(please see our machine list below for capabilities and capacities). Your close tolerance parts are welcome because we have a strict quality control department that insures precision and quality on all parts; even on production jobs.

Hardware Installation and Assembly

We are experts at hardware installation. We have put in countless threaded, key-locking, press-fit, swage-retaining and self-clinching inserts. We can install just about any hardware into your parts. We can also handle general assembly of your parts.

Plating Services

By using trusted and certified subcontractors, we can provide a multitude of plating options: Chem Film, Anodize (Standard and Hardcoat), Passivation, Heat Treating, Gold Plating, Nickle Plating, Tin-Lead Plating, and Paint.

Product Development

Our Mechanical Engineer on staff can assist in advise on manfacturability of your parts. Please contact us for information regarding this topic.

CAD Drawing Creation

If you have a 3D model that you created and you need a professional-looking drawing created by our engineer, we do that too.

Our Machines

2 Hurco VM10i 3 Axis CNC Mill

  • Work size of 30″ x 15″ x15″
  • Able to hold tolerances of .0003 inches
  • 3D Machining Capable
  • Can accept CAM generated programs
  • 12,000 RPM spindle

3 Hurco VM1 3 Axis CNC Mills

  • Work sizes of 30″ x 14″ x 14″
  • High degree of precision, able to hold tolerances of ±.0005 inches
  • 3D Capable Machining
  • Machines can accept CAM generated programs

1 Hurco BMC 4020 CNC 3 Axis Mill

  • Large bed capacity (40″ x 20″ x 20″) CNC mill with high accuracy
  • Can hold tolerances of ±.002 inches

1 Doosan Lathe S280N

  • Work size from 7 inches in diameter all the way down to 1/64
  • Very precise machining, able to hold tolerances of ±.0002 inches

1 Daewoo PUMA 6S Lathe

  • Work size from 7 inches in diameter all the way down to 1/64
  • Very precise machining, able to hold tolerances of ±.0002 inches

3 Manually operated Bridgeport Mills

  • Can quickly turn out small orders
  • Can hold dimensional tolerances of ±.003 inches

1 Manual Mazak Lathe

  • Can quickly turn our small orders
  • Can hold dimensional tolerances of .0005 inches

We strive for the Highest Quality & Precision, as well as On-Time Deliveries with all of our products.

Our Customers